Becca Jonas.

Sister. Daughter. Friend. Teammate. A tall, lefty from Kansas City (Missouri OBVIOUSLY). Drake student-athlete. Journalism student. Feeler. Thinker. Lover of good music, good people, and great times.

My story is largely influenced by basketball. I’m a lifer- I grew up in a gym and it’s been part of me ever since. My most treasured relationships, aside from family, are with people I have met on the basketball floor. It’s taken me to college and introduced me to what it means to have pride in where you come from and play for. (Drake basketball has my heart and soul, guys.) And when all is said and done- I hope to get into coaching and give back to the game that has given me so much.

The way I look at the world is filtered through the experiences basketball has given me. The number of lessons I’ve learned about life through the game are immeasurable.

I know what it means to commit to something.

I know how to trust the process and see your vision become a reality.

I know how to adapt and adjust.

I’ve learned how to accept the unknown and believe that everything is going to be okay no matter what.

I know when things don’t work out- they don’t work in the best possible way.

I believe in miracles.

I know that life isn’t easy for anyone and we’re all fighting battles no one may ever know.

I know what its like to be loved and accepted unconditionally. I know the importance of a support system that is behind you through anything and everything.

I’ve learned how to be leaned on and how to lean on others.

I’ve learned what it means to focus, to compete and to be confident.

And above all I’ve learned that the best way of doing anything is with love- love for what you’re doing and love for who you’re doing it with.

I want to coach, but not forever. Someday I want share others’ stories.

At the end of the day, I don’t believe wins and losses are what truly matter. Of course it carries a lot of weight (and believe me I want to win in everything I do) but there’s always more to the story and that’s what I love about sports. Everyone loves the underdog. Everyone loves when people and teams overcome adversity. Everyone loves seeing the sacrifices people make in order to achieve greatness.

Or at least I do.

It’s those stories I want to share. I believe we all have them and they go unnoticed. I think our world would be a better place if we spread the positivity, fight and triumph that these stories are full of.

Maybe I’ll write, maybe I’ll broadcast, maybe I’ll write a book or something. I don’t know. The possibilities are endless and again, I believe everything will turn out just as it should.

Until then I’m going to work hard, go with the flow, and see where life takes me.